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Thursday's Band recordings are available to order on CD or download at Bandcamp; and on CD or vinyl at Click on the album cover to order. 

City of Song 

(by The Battered Case)

Track listing:

Rip Van Winkle

Keep the Books


Part of You

All the Way to Istanbul

Half Moon

Cheesecake at Rocco's

Schmears on Sissel Rye

The Ocean


Speed Bumps Ahead


Track listing:

Weave and Spin

The Sea Captain's Bed


Leaning on the Bins

Cowrie Beach

Speed Bumps Ahead_Front Cover_edited.jpg

Chittagong Tattoo


Track listing:  



Granny Mean

In the City

Les Cigales d'Avignon

Difficult Man

Five Below Zero

Let the Fire Die Back

The Chittagong Tattoo

Cover photo  ©  Pierre Torset

‘Very good… Granny Mean is stunning. Quietly finger-picked, violin in the background, a rising chorus, and lyrics which capture the many emotions of someone with dementia… It works. It shouldn’t but it really does. Let the Fire Die Back…. is driven by violin and the interplay between male and female vocal. You pick up the story in the gaps between the images – and you want to join in that refrain. Difficult Man is a delightfully human song. The Chittagong Tattoo is a powerful title track. And Leavings has… lovely interplay between the instruments as they hand the lead briefly from one to the other and a final verse that brings light to darkness… It feels like you might want to see if you can get them to your folk club…’  (

All We Have in Common


Track listing:  

The Corsair/The Black Ship 

Cold Boston

First Waltz


Find a Way

Train to Albion

Eating Mexican

Slow Toast


Hundred Miles Away

Tomson the Marriner

Sliabh na mBan

Just Like Today

'The songs on this album take you on a journey ... through the bleak darkness of ‘The Black Ship’, the quiet longing of ‘Cold Boston’, the understated sharing of emotion in ‘Train to Albion’ by way of the tongue in cheek humour of ‘Eating Mexican’, to the raw feeling of ‘Fly’ ... and if Lucinda’s vocals on ‘Jupiter’ don’t move your soul then you should start looking for it... A band that works its magic across its chosen genre, blurring and bending the edges along the way. Thursday’s Band deliver a musical voyage that once taken (and you should) you will certainly make again and again...' (FOLKWORDS)

'A perfect illustration of the versatility of the band and their material... Impossible to pigeon-hole... and always thought-provoking, melodic and skilfully executed...' (THE UNICORN)

Where the Breakers Roll

('As live' EP)


Track listing:


Gatton and Buchanan

Cowrie Beach

When I Was Young

Tomson the Marriner

The Shabby Years

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