Seven years in, give or take, and Thursday’s Band feels like the best thing we’ve ever done. 


Three singers, two guitars, strings, mandolin, and now bass doesn’t really do it justice. 


Three songwriters, drawing on different styles, doesn’t even hint at the variety.


‘No genre’ might give you a clue. There’s a bit of folk, a dash of country, a touch of Spanish, a cajun flourish, even a whisper of rock. And a healthy dose of classical, when virtuoso strings start to soar over locked-down guitars. We’re all about the songs but we love to bounce them along with a repertoire of tunes, set against occasional covers of our favourite songs.


Our two albums and EP can be ordered online at 


Mark Gamon - guitar, voice

Mark is a writer who’s had a guitar in his hand since he was 12. He writes many of the songs played by Thursday’s Band, but gleefully expects to be overtaken by the band's other two writers. He released his second solo album, Deck - featuring all of Thursday's Band - in 2015. His first solo album, Layer, came out in 2012;  more recently he's worked with Cambridge's Daniel Nestlerode and  Lizzie J Taylor, playing on albums for both. Over the years he’s played in several musical incarnations - including 70s prog, an acoustic duo with David Hardie in the 90s, and the memorably named Dewhursts (also featuring Nick Blishen) in the early 80s.



Matt Kelly - fiddle, mandolin, viola, voice

Matt played in postpunk group Strumpet City in Brighton in the mid-eighties, and with The Lizards, a cajun and blues band in South London in the late 80s. He played in Ti-fer Cajun Band in the 1990s. He also had a brief stint as alto sax player in West London-based soul band Raj and the Magitones in the early 90s. He has recorded on various albums, including The Lizards' Promised Land,  Tony Hill's Inexactness (heavy rock) and Mary Lou Lord's Baby Blue (Americana). He also plays in cajun/folk duo Kelly & Woolley, with guitarist singer and songwriter Gary Woolley. Their second CD Miner's Eyes came out in 2018. Now he is retired, Matt is playing lots of music, doing political activity, and tending  his allotment.



Rhys Wilson - guitar, voice

Rhys started performing on the live circuit when he was 15 and made his first album when he was 17. His most recent album ‘Moving Forward’ was released in 2020 and a new album ‘Diary Days’ will be released in 2021. As well as being a solo singer/songwriter Rhys has performed and recorded, playing guitar and keyboards,  with numerous acts over the years - including John Meed, Taylor/Wilson and O’Neil, Narissa, Liuba Doga, Jack, Jump/Bump & Boogie, Hidden Agenda, Dave Parry, Steve Logan, Cherry Tree Lane, Bernard Hoskin. Rhys joined Thursday’s Band in 2020.



David Cammish - bass

David has played in a variety of types of band, starting in a covers band, the trad jazz with The Ouse Valley Jazz Band, then a longish stint with Milton Keynes covers band The Misfitz, which morphed into San Remo, and played The Stables at Milton Keynes on five occasions, raising thousands for Willen Hospice and other charities. David's main instrument has been the bass guitar but he also plays ukuleles with The Upwood Ukuleles (The UpUs) and Huntingdon Ukulele Group (The HUGs). He is very pleased to join Thursday's Band and to develop his work on double bass. He also repairs musical instruments, having worked with the respected luthier Roger Giffin, which gave him the opportunity to work on instruments for the Stones, The Who, and Dire Straits among others. Please do not feed at gigs.