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Church Concerts



We've started to perform in a series of special one-off church concerts with our great friend and favourite songwriter John Meed. There's something about the atmosphere and acoustics of a church that seems to particularly suit our instrumentation and songs. To date we've played in St George's, Anstey, Herts; St Peter's, Felsham, Suffolk; St Mary's, Ware; and St John the Evangelist, Hills Road, Cambridge (twice). If you know a church that likes something different and could do with a little help with the restoration fund... 


'Rarely has this building echoed to such wonderful music. Great band, first class musicians, and super songs. A thoroughly enjoyable evening’. ( David Williams, Church Warden, Felsham) 

‘Many people who would not normally have been attracted to a concert in church came along and they really loved what they saw and heard. It went down a storm! Churches throughout the land, I urge you to embrace something just that little bit different -  you won’t regret it!’ (Ali Cossor, Organist and Parochial Council Secretary, Anstey)

You can view Church Concert videos below. Find out more about John Meed by clicking HERE. And if you know a church that might enjoy a different kind of afternoon or evening, please contact us HERE.


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