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Thursday's News

The first in an occasional side hustle album series from various members of Thursday’s Band, The Battered Case has a studio focus, with space to add musicians wherever the arrangements suggest. Ten new recordings, ten songs stretching back beyond lockdown. Four tracks celebrating New York, one celebrating new life. One unpicking a memory, one a mystery. The rest - like all the best songs - are just about how to survive.


City of Song will not be on Spotify in the foreseeable future. Instead, we recommend Bandcamp - where you can listen at your leisure, order a download, or purchase a physical copy. And of course the album will always be available at gigs.

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Still easily available: Speed Bumps Ahead, by Thursday's Band...


Our latest 5-track EP, including new versions of Weave and Spin and Cowrie Beach.


Click HERE to read a full review by Mike Davis at FATEA.

 Listen, order a download, or purchase a physical copy HERE, on Bandcamp.

Speed Bumps Ahead_Front Cover.jpg

'Lovely music, whatever the

day of the week...'  (FATEA)

'The most beautiful music I've heard in years...'

CB2 1.jpg

'The best band I've heard in all the years I've been coming to this club. And I've been a regular since 2011...'

'Spine-tingling. A class act...'

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