'An album that would make any band worthy of a bigger stage...' (FATEA)


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Cover photo  ©  Pierre Torset

‘Very good… Granny Mean is stunning. Quietly finger-picked, violin in the background, a rising chorus, and lyrics which capture the many emotions of someone with dementia… It works. It shouldn’t but it really does. Let the Fire Die Back…. is driven by violin and the interplay between male and female vocal. You pick up the story in the gaps between the images – and you want to join in that refrain. Difficult Man is a delightfully human song. The Chittagong Tattoo is a powerful title track. And Leavings has… lovely interplay between the instruments as they hand the lead briefly from one to the other and a final verse that brings light to darkness… It feels like you might want to see if you can get them to your folk club…’  (folking.com)

'The most beautiful music I've heard in years...'

'Spine-tingling. A class act...'

'The best band I've heard in all the years I've been coming to this club. And I've been a regular since 2011...'

(Paul, Great Bardfield Folk)

'Utterly awesome!'

'Sounded wonderful drifting across the field as the sun set. Brilliant songwriting, wonderful harmonies and fabulous combinations of instruments...'

'Thursday's Band are rapidly becoming one of my favourite live folk bands...'

'Real listening pleasure... Love this band!'