The Music

Two years in, give or take, and Thursday’s Band feels like the best thing we’ve ever done. 


Three singers, two guitars, fiddle, viola and mandolin doesn’t really do it justice. 


Three songwriters, drawing on different styles, doesn’t even hint at the variety.


‘No genre’ might give you a clue. There’s a bit of folk, a dash of country, a whisper of rock, even. And a healthy dose of classical, when virtuoso strings start to soar over locked-down guitars. We’re all about the songs but we love to bounce them along with a strong repertoire of tunes. 


Our first full album - All We Have In Common - can be ordered online at 

'The songs on this album take you on a journey ... through the bleak darkness of ‘The Black Ship’, the quiet longing of ‘Cold Boston’, the understated sharing of emotion in ‘Train to Albion’ by way of the tongue in cheek humour of ‘Eating Mexican’, to the raw feeling of ‘Fly’ ... and if Lucinda’s vocals on ‘Jupiter’ don’t move your soul then you should start looking for it... A band that works its magic across its chosen genre, blurring and bending the edges along the way. Thursday’s Band deliver a musical voyage that once taken (and you should) you will certainly make again and again...'


'A perfect illustration of the versatility of the band and their material... Impossible to pigeon-hole... and always thought-provoking, melodic and skilfully executed...'


'Tremendous variety...'